The Team

“We are a PEOPLE MAGNET!! We are a MONEY MAGNET!! We are a BLESSING MAGNET!!” These are the lines we always tell ourselves. Thus, we began to have an abundant thinking. We never ran out of resources because what we ALWAYS ATTRACT comes to us EASILY and FREQUENTLY. Hence, Abie Serrano, the leader of the group, named it as TEAM ABUNDANCE.

Team Abundance is a group under Team Generals (led by Top 3 Millionaire John Jester Ching), Team MBT (led by Top 2 Millionaire Haz Go), and Team Mavericks (led by Top 1 Millionaire Gerrard Gallego) so the vision carried by this group is being carried on by the team.




To make a change in society by creating more than 1000 people who are financially free after 2 years. We want to earn without working so we can spend our precious time with people who matter most to us. Go for time and financial freedom!

In Team Abundance, we not just EARN MONEY, we also EARN A LOT OF FRIENDS.

We strive to promote time and financial freedom to ALL: FREEDOM to buy the things that you want, the clothes you want to wear, the food you want to eat, the vacation you DESERVE the most, FREEDOM to earn while being with our family and our loved ones.

If you are tired of missing your baby’s first step, missing your family’s special occasion, working for 8 hours a day (which in reality is 13 hrs, 6am-7pm), if you want to change your life, earn BIG, become a LEADER and help change others peoples lives, if you are willing to be a MENTOR to others and HELP them as well….


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